PRESS RELEASE – On failure to extend provisions of the Patriot Act

     For Immediate Release – February 9, 2011
     Contact –
     Montana Shrugged, the state’s largest Tea Party group with over 5,000 active members, has issued a public “Thank You” to the 26 Republicans who broke with their party to vote NO on extending provisions of the Patriot Act yesterday, including Montana’s very own Denny Rehberg.
     “It’s a huge step forward”, said Eric Olsen, founder of Montana Shrugged.  “The Tea Party movement is about less government in our lives, and this vote is a big step in reducing the scope of government, and restoring fiscal sanity to Washington.  We’re especially proud that our own Congressman, Denny Rehberg was one of those brave enough to vote on principle and buck party leadership when it’s called for.”
     “The Patriot Act was a huge slap in the face of many Americans“, says Jennifer Olsen, a member of the board of Montana Shrugged.  “It was a violation of the civil liberties of every American citizen, and I’m proud that a freedom loving state like Montana has played a part in ending those violations.”
     The vote, held February 9, would have extended key provisions of the Patriot Act.  The vote came up short, with 26 Republicans breaking from the party to vote no.  Notable among those 26 are Congressman Ron Paul, Congressman Denny Rehberg, Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, and a number of the so called “Tea Party” freshman Congressmen, including Rep. Justin Amash, and Rep. David Schweikert.


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