direct email is the least effective, USE the phone and web form

A digital message is any message that is sent via the internet, fax or other electronic means that uses a system of “digitization”  instead of transferring  voice pulses into electronic signals, or similar.

In practice, if you e-mail the legislator, or an entire committee, and use the electronic  message system on the MT.GOV website, the recipient will get it in a printed, half-sheet message placed on his/her desk.  They are either blue or canary yellow, depending on whether it is a phone or internet message.

Here is the procedure:

Search for MT.GOV on your internet explorer search bar.

Go to the RH side, and under the governor’s section , click on the “Legislative Branch”

“Welcome to the Montana Legislature” comes up.  Click on the upper left side bar on  “Find a Legislator” under “Home”

Near the bottom of the page, there is a yellow link to “Contact a legislator“.

Click on that, and “Contacting Legislators” displays.

There you will find instruction to contact them by phone, Internet, mail or fax.  The part they don’t tell you is that these phone and online messages are paper messages, and are place on the legislator’s desk, and they stack up, are highly visible, and are brightly colored.

The down side is that phone messages only go to 5 recipients at once, and online messages only go to ONE at a time, near as I can tell.  But you can e-mail an entire COMMITTEE and contact 20 or so at once.  Maybe if we prod the legislative branch, we can get them to make it so we can contact more than one at a time.  The form is tedious to fill out, unless you have a program to fill in your personal info automatically.  There is space for
1250 words in the message.  You could use the copy and paste function for multiple messages to different legislators.

I hope this helps you get word to the people who need to hear from you!

Remember,   you  can email the legislature, and they can fail to notice, delete it, or set their settings to put yours in the trash.

For a way that they cannot fail to notice, also send a message through the legislative message service!  When you send digital messages or phone messages to the legislature, they get a BLUE  or  YELLOW half page on their desks.  It will come at odd times, and even when they are voting on the floor.

They notice these, and cannot escape.  On big bills, they measure the stacks in “inches” of support or opposition.  REALLY

They may only glance at the title and the bill number, and read SUPPORT or OPPOSE,  but they will notice.  They also count and compare.

We are talking PAPER MESSAGES!  Think of it:  logging, natural resources, jobs, industry, and commerce in MONTANA!  And, we can influence legislation.

Create MONTANA jobs, and kill bad bills-  a winning combination!

Go to it!


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