Nullify Obaucas care

The following 20 republicans voted against (HJR 20) nullification of the bad law here in Montana.


We need to ask them all to explain that vote.

1.       N  Ankney, Duane

2.      N  Arntzen, Elsie

3.      N  Bangerter, Liz

4.      N  Berry, Tom

5.      N  Cook, Rob

6.      N  Esp, John

7.      N  Evans, Lila Walter

8.     N  Fitzpatrick, Steve

9.      N  Gibson, Steve

10.  N  Hoven, Brian

11.   N  Klock, Harry

12.  N  McNutt, Walter

13.  N  Milburn, Mike

14.  N  O’Hara, Jesse

15.   N  Peterson, Ken

16.  N  Reichner, Scott

17.   N  Small, Sterling

18.  N  Taylor, Janna

19.  N  Yates, Max

20. N  Welborn, Jeffery


Can contact them using this online form:



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