Support SB 125

Support SB 125
Hearing 3/4/2011 Rm. 152 3 PM
House Human Services Committee

Urge SUPPORT SB125 Prohibit state government from administering federal health insurance purchase requirement

– sponsored by Art Wittich ( R) SD 35


Bill Text:

Hearing before the House Human Services committee, room 125, 3:00 PM

If you are unable to attend the hearing but would like to have your comments read during the hearing, please contact the sponsor Senator Art Wittich ( R) SD 35 or the Committee Chairman, Representative David Howard


Call Capitol Switchboard – 406-444-4800 – [leave message for House Human Services committee]

Or email web form – – [to the House Human Services committee]

If the answer to the following is YES then vote NO

Would it affect or diminish private ownership of anything?

Would it cost the individual any (permit, money, tax, fee or freedom)?

Would it require permission in any form?

Would it cause any growth in government or bureaucracy?

Would it add any new public employees?

Would it run counter to the constitution, federal or state, in any way?

Does it lack a sundown clause?

Does it yield to federal coercion?

Does it include: and for other purposes?

If the answer is YES then vote NO



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