Why should we pay for their transmission lines?

Why should we pay for their transmission lines?


Last December the federal government decided that the Montana Dakota Utility customers can help pay for transmission lines in other states that deliver no power to Montanan’s. Now the Republican led legislature wants to make that easier (HB198) by granting the right of condemnation (eminent domain) to developers in eastern Montana that will ship wind power to states with problems meeting their self imposed Renewable Energy Mandates. Yes, you will receive no power from these lines but the costs will show up on your MDU bill. If you are a NorthWesten Energy customer don’t laugh. The head of the federal energy commission recently announced he wants to do the same thing to you.


Gov. Schweitzer has his own energy advisors that know of this yet pushes the legislature to get HB 198 on his desk as soon as possible. The PSC has held many sessions on what to do about this to protect Montana consumers yet PSC Commissioner Molnar is the only one to raise the issue at the legislature.


One commissioner cannot protect you. You must protect yourself. Regardless of the supplier of your electricity, or if you are a co-op served land owner, you should call 406-444-4800 and email your Representative and Senator and tell them of your displeasure of being used as a funding source (through HB 198) for other states decisions.


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