Baucus Central

Montana Shrugged is very interested in shaming Baucus out of office!  You may have heard of us as the “Baucus Patrol” in the past and we are very proud of that name!

Senator Baucus is not interested in the Constitution.  Please take the time to read some of the articles posted below and be sure that you sign the petition to potentially recall Senator Baucus!

Please send him an email at and let him know your thoughts about his actions and votes as a Montana Senator.

Baucus on Reading the Bill:  We Hire Experts for That

You can find additional articles and videos of our Montana Senator Max Baucus conducting his idiotic business at our main website:

Baucus has sold his soul to the Obama Administration.  Help us to fill his email and voice mail with messages that he should work for the people of Montana…..not the special interests in Washington D.C.!


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