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Continue to fight for our REPUBLIC!

Looks like Montana is welcoming back winter.  We were enjoying our extended Indian summer.  Wasn’t the weather just great over Christmas and New Years? Global warming is so great.  But, alas, it is not so great for the snowbound towns and fuel short towns of Alaska.  Record snows and cold up there.  We count our blessings here.


We three managers of Montana Shrugged would like to thank the recent flurry of contributions that came in over Christmas. We especially would like to thank Greg from Red Lodge for his most generous contribution of $500.  These true patriots are helping us carve our way to more activities and rallies.


We have a huge battle in front of us this year to get good Constitutional and Fiscal conservatives elected in Montana and across the US.  We are feeling real good in this fight for freedom and prosperity.  Our belief is that over 100 million citizens follow our movement and support our ideas.  With this size of a voter block we WILL change the leadership in America.  And it is all thanks to you.Please ask your friends and family to sign up and contribute as you can.


We are working on plans for a unique activity for this year’s April 15th rally.  We are planning a large event with many surprises. There will be a final Governor Showdown at the OK corral if you will.  WE plan on having a real down to earth Hoedown.  Stay tuned for details and be sure to put the date on your calendars.


We can make this a huge deal for our beliefs.  WE can show the non believers that we are here to stay and we are here for all of America.  We do not leave out any percentages as the Occupy Wallstreet radicals do.  We are America.  We are the Silent Majority.  Hear US roar.


Please read the presentation on the event below and make every attempt to attend.  Robert Brown with the John Birch Society is very knowledgeable in the ways of our Constitution.  It will be very entertaining and educational to learn about the Greatest Document ever written to rule man.  Our Republic needs all of us to educate ourselves and educate others to the wisdom of this great document.  We are not a Democracy, where simple majority rules.  A democracy is where the socialist elites would have us heading.  Well, we the people need to stand up for our Republic and fight for the Constitution.


A note from the John Birch Society –

Robert Brown is coming to town this Tuesday the 17th! It has been some time since we have had the honor of a presentation from Robert. He has agreed to pump us up with a new presentation that he is preparing for video production and national distribution. Among other things, learn about sound money and how our Constitution can keep it that way.


I know this is a short notice but you don’t want to miss Robert’s smooth and entertaining delivery of a topic that we must understand in order to save the economy. Please come and bring a friend!


– 7:00 pm Tuesday 17th

– Lexington Inn and Suites

– 3040 King Ave W.


Please plan on attending this great educational event.  I apologize now, but Jennifer and I cannot attend as we are drilling a horizontal well north of Roundup, Montana. Yes, the rumors are true, we are actually drilling a well in Montana, not Pennsylvania, not Wyoming, not North Dakota.  Can you believe that?


Oh, and Jennifer, my wife, and I would like to thank the completely misguided cowardly liberal who keeps sending the awful postcards harassing us and our family.  It is only to be expected that liberals hide behind fences, blog sites, harassing mail, op eds, etc. to try to make their point.  The problem is that they have no point that they can stand on.  They have no base or legs to stand on. They are poor misguided souls, led completely by ignorance and by the lies of the Democratic Socialist elites.  Cowards they are.


I have challenged all Democratic political legislators to discuss the important issues of the day on my television interview show and none have accepted.  I have challenged all Republican political appointees and candidates and they have all accepted in one manner or another.


I have challenged all news agencies in Billings as well as others across the State to report fair and balanced news.  They refuse. They show their ignorance and their political bent by supporting the likes of Occupy Wallstreet and their totally misguided mission statements.  They ignore the one and only grassroots movement that has come along in the past 100 years that supports Constitutional and fiscally sound issues.  Issues that are so critical to our survival as the greatest country on earth.  What are they thinking?  Oh, they are not.  I forgot that they too are completely controlled by the liberal elitists such as George Soros.


Obama is playing his fiddle while America burns and they pull the wool over their reader’s eyes.  They are complicit in the destruction of America.  We should cancel our subscriptions.  We should not purchase from their advertisers.  We should do a mass email campaign against all of them.  We have the power to make real change happen. Unified, as one of the largest tea party groups in America, we can make that change start right here in Yellowstone County, Montana.


I have personally invited Senators Baucus and Tester to come on and discuss issues to no avail.  All I get is that somewhat polite but quiet approval but always a no show.  Are these the kind of leaders that we need? I think not.


I have to take my hat off to Congressman Denny Rehberg as he has braved my show for an hour and one half in the past year.  The Patriot Chronicles IS fair and balanced.  We report you decide, just like Fox News but without their political bias.


Enough said. As you can tell there is lots of work to do.  We need your help to increase membership and increase contributions.


God Bless you all and God Bless America.


Olsens take on the capital

First stop in helena – live radio broadcast with Voices of Montana host – Aaron flint.

Aaron did a great job – as usual.

Opening my introducing my dad and I as the ones who got appearance on rachael maddow show last year at our open carry rally.

Can listen to his show here

Then up to the capital to make our politicians nervous. All sorts of lobbyists were stalking the halls. Saw all sorts of people I knew.

Headed to 4th floor for house state admin committee hearing and walked in right as they were trying to argue Office of Political Practices needed more $$$? WTH? What do you not get about cutting the budget?

Perhaps the need for extra $ is due to federal lawsuit brought by Montana Shrugged concerned free speech? Looks like it could possibly cost the state a million buckaroos before it’s over.

Side note- as we were climbing the stairs of the capital we got stuck in the middle of a gay rights press conference where they were complaining about not having enough time to testify on a specific bill. I do not remember the bill number but I must point out that not everybody gets to testify. Sometimes people only get 2 minutes. Our legislature only meets for 90 days every other year and has to look at over 2000 bills (WAY TOO MANY) so I would suggest that if you do not feel you have enough time to testify then you should lobby your representatives to change the way we do business in helena. What if the legislature meets every year?

Next we got to enjoy a lunch thanks to the GOP women. Got to sit and talk with some of our legislators – Tom Burnett (R-Bozeman), Ed Walker (R – Laurel), and James Knox (R-Billings) and his family.

Montana Shrugged Founder, Eric, talks politics with his Senator, Ed Walker

House session began at 12:30 pm where James Knox was kind enough to not only introduce us but also made an announcement on behalf of our group inviting all Republicans and Democrats to our legislative town hall that will be this Friday, February 25 at Petro Hall on the MSU-B campus.

We needed to be back at the convention hall before 2 so we listened to a bit of discussion on house floor and headed into the senate chambers.

Got to make the democrats nervous – especially my own senator – Kendall Van Dyk. No introduction needed there- they knew we were present.

Deg and I listening to debate on House Floor

Eric gave a presentation on Montana’s Natural Resources – path to prosperity. About 100 patriots sat in for his presentation.

I didn’t get a chance to watch the presentation given by Carl Graham of MPI but I would have liked to.

The rest of the afternoon left us listening to a live broadcast by Roger Hedgecock.

Lots of candidates called in and were present to talk about issues and why they are seeking office.  Congressman Denny Rehberg called in from Washington DC, Gubernatorial candidate Ken Miller called in from Kalispell  and by the way he had got the best reception from the crowd.

Other gubernatorial candidates Rick Hill and Corey Stapleton also got a chance to be on the show. US house candidate Steve Daines also got a few minutes among many others.

Was a great show – Hedgecock is sure a funny guy. Glad somebody can make a few jokes in these bad times that we are in.

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit…..wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad” Hedgecock

To finish off the night many of our legislators joined us as a panel of speakers to tell us about effectiveness in contacting them. Because I had to use my cell phone to record this session I did not get away with any worthwhile recordings.  Here are a picture:

We appreciate their willingness to work with us.  As you can see all of the legislators who sat on the panel are republican. That is not to say we didn’t invite democrats- they just tend to not reply back and show up. That’s their loss. Remember – we are Americans working on American problems. We are not republicans, democrats, or independents – we are Americans!

On to day 2 of the convention.

Grassroots activist training was the first discussion of the morning.  It opened day two of the convention at 8 am.  Panelists were Mark Meckler (TEA Party Patriots), Scott Sales (new AFP director for Montana), and Carl Graham (MPI).

TEA Party Patriots (a national “spokesperson” for the tea party movement, often seen on Fox News) has over 3300 tea party groups affilieated with them with over 21 million members across the nation.

Scott Sales says that he believes that liberals have a heart and a soul and passion for their cause…..he said that they are NOT trying to destroy America and either is Obama.  He sure got a lot of ‘boos’ from the crowd with that comment.

Carl Graham gave great tips on where to find all the information you need to educate yourself including multiple informative websites.  He did give me a hat tip on behalf of Montana Shrugged for all of the great work we do with media.  I believe he said I am now engraved into his phone because of all the posting I do to facebook and video I post to youtube.  Guess we should keep it up?

Next up was a “TEA party Panel”- it was made up of four members to discuss various activities.  I chose to take a trip to the capital so I have nothing more to report on this one.  Eric stuck around to keep his presence known.

A couple of patriots and I took a trip to the capital.  We watched both the house and senate discuss bills on the floor.  Took some great pictures as you can see –

Jan and I peer over railing onto Senate Floor

Back to the convention after lunch the first presentation was “Indian Nations” with Representative Sterling Small from the Cheyenne Tribe near Busby, MT.  His presentation was limited to his campaign and limited stories of his early life.  Nothing notable on Native States.  He was completely without Knowledge about Crow Water Compact…He stated that he would side with tribal management as they know what is best for tribe…That certainly worries us.  We all know that if President Barack Obama signs it – it is NOT necessarily good for the people.

Representative Sterling Small

Following “Indian Nations” was a presentation by PSC Chairman Bill Gallagher.  He let us in on the facts that there are 18 additional taxes included on your power bill each month.  He talked about what the PSC really is and what it does.  He was quite informative as most people tend to not even know that the PSC exists.

To finish out the convention we had a wonderful dinner with keynote Roger Hedgecock-been doing radio show since 1990.  He is concerned about the future of our country.  Just about given up on CA. But he did make the point that there are a lot of rumors about California….most of which are TRUE!

Mark Meckler also spoke during the dinner of the TEA Party Patriot’s “40 year plan”.  Ultimately the message is – in order to fix our country it will take 40 years.  In order to do so we need to fix our Finances – budget problem, Education system, Politics and stop the voter fraud!

So…..convention came to an end and that is when we found out about all of the vandalism that happened to our vehicles while in the parking lot.  Everybody was ready for their trip home only to find flat tires and stickers on their side doors, windshields and bumpers that read “tea” with a circle and a line through it.  Luckily for most of us they used mailing labels.  The weather so bad most vehicles were dirty enough that the stickers didn’t stick very well.  Guess even the left are having troubles raising money in these bad economic times?

Surely didn’t get much better for us on our attempt to drive home…..don’t even get me started…..bottom line- took us 12 hours to finally get to billings. Kodiak “parade truck” broke down (and while we were sitting broke down outside the town pump gas station in Livingston a couple of high school kids asked my dad to buy them beer…..we figured maybe we should take their money and tell them to call us when they turn 21? Ha, they would have probably been upset with us.

AAA and Livingston Tow Company jerked me around and I’m really happy to be back home now!  Thank God for people who will drive hours on their Sunday to come pick you up!  That is the wonderful thing about all the networking we have done within the TEA party in Montana.

God Bless America!


Montana Tea Party to Hold First-Ever State Convention

good publicity at last:

Montana Tea Party to Hold First-Ever State Convention

Helena Independent Record – The Big Sky Tea Party is hosting Montana’s first-ever statewide Tea Party convention on Feb. 18-19, where conservatives can voice their concerns and present their ideas on how to return the state (and the country) to its constitutional foundation.


TEA party convention, Upcoming Luncheon, Top Priority Bills….

I am just amazed at how fast time flies by when you are chasing politicians.

There are many great things happening in Helena, Montana.  The new conservatives there combined with the good old guard are passing critical legislation to enhance our States Rights and reduce the bulging Schweitzer budgets.

This success in Helena could not have happened without your great support and voting conservative last November.

We have lots of work to do to continue working through legislation in Helena for next two months.  The progressive agenda on the left is being pushed hard in committees.  The State, County and local governments are lobbying hard to keep your taxes high, keep your healthcare costs high, limit your individual rights and freedoms, etc.. This is tragic but the true nature of government protecting their extravagant wages and benefits.  We at Montana Shrugged are fighting this push daily and we need your support on the bills as well as generous financial contributions so that we may forge ahead on this successful movement.

We have Montana’s First Annual TEA party Convention to be held in Helena on February 18-19.  Please make every effort to be there. This convention is historic for Montana as very few States have had a State Convention as yet. This puts Montana as leaders in this effort and puts our agenda of limited government, lower budgets, no deficits, lower taxes and prosperity for all on the fast track.

The details for the convention are on our website at  Please sign up before 10th of February to save extra fees.

If you do not know already, we now have 5000 email members.  This makes Montana Shrugged one of the largest groups, if not the largest group in America.  This is astounding and we thank you all for jumping on board.  Our voices are being heard loud and clear even though you do not see it in local news.  The movement is huge across America and with your help and contributions; we will make another huge change in 2012.

Historically, a party needs control of all three branches of federal government to make changes and the Democratic Party has been successful a considerable portion of time over past 100 years.  The Republican Party has only had this control for 4 years of that time. Hence we have many costly social programs that are bankrupting our great nation.    For example, President Johnson rammed through his Great Society in the 1960’s which immediately increase federal budget 35%.  These programs now represent over 60% of federal budget and are huge burdens on State budgets.  We need to fix these problems through instilling personal responsibility and accountability into the individual.  We need to improve the free enterprise system as we diminish the size of government as did President Calving Coolidge resulting in the Roaring Twenties.  Our mission is to reinstate the roaring twenties but 100 years later.  Are you with US?

Again, we can only do this with your continued personal and financial support.  Please send $50, $25, $10 or any sum you can afford. Remember that you are investing in America and its future.

Thank you and please come rally with US in Helena at the Convention.

Registration Form

Convention Agenda


Call to Action – LTE Campaign

This past Wednesday we had a guest speaker – Jason Thomas.  He delivered a great speech and gave us many great ideas in order to grow our membership and be more effective as an organization.

As an attempt to gain control of our communities we are challenging you all to write letters to your local newspapers.  Our first topic is Obamacare and how it relates to both the budget and dificit spending.

We all know that most of our media outlets are extremely liberal.  So…..How do you get the media to cover your story?  You make them believe that your story IS a story that readers want to hear about.  We believe that if we can get just 280 letters submitted by the end of February then we will be well on our way to having the press cover our events in the future.

Know anything about the Cloward-Piven Stategy?  Ultimately it’s to overwhelm the system.  The liberals are very good at doing this so we need to beat them at their game.  Our goal is to overwhelm the media/newspapers system with our conservative opinion pieces.

We encourage you all to write your own but if you do not have the time please send one of ours.  If you prefer to use a sample letter we’ve provided those on our website.

A list of all media contacts across the state of Montana can be located on our website HERE.

Here are some helpful informational documents regarding Obamacare that may help you write your letters.

5 Reasons to Repeal

Claim and Response

CLASS program

Enact Real Medical Liability Reform

End Government Funded Abortions

Impact of Health Reform on the Practice of Medicine

Impact on SeniorsImpact on the Insured

Important Facts About Obamacare

Obamacare Employer Mandate will increase costs and destroy jobs

Obamacare fiscal case for repeal

Obamacare Medicaid Facts

Obamacare Tax Increases

Obamacare will hurt small businesses

Response to Claims in Dem Letter

Response to Dem Claims







HB 206 – Constitutional amendment on freedom to choose health care coverage.

I know this is late notice but Friday, Jan 28, 3pm, the first of a series of bills that reject Obamacare in Montana is being heard in the Human Services committee.  Gary MacLaren is sponsoring the bill and could really use all of our support at the hearing.  If at all possible, go to the capital and support the following bill:


HB 206 – Constitutional amendment on freedom to choose health care coverage.


This is an amendment to Article II of the Montana Constitution providing for the right to choose health insurance coverage.  If passed in the Act will be submitted to the voters on the 2012 ballot.


This is the link to the 2-page bill which reads:


“(1) All individuals and employers have the right to choose whether or not to purchase or participate in any plan of health insurance coverage. No individual or employer shall pay a fine, penalty, or fee or be subject to civil or criminal sanction for exercising the right to choose whether to purchase or participate in health insurance coverage.

(2) A health care provider shall not pay a fine, penalty, or fee or be subject to civil or criminal sanction for accepting direct payment for health care services from an individual or an employer, on behalf of an employee, if the individual or employer has exercised the right to choose whether to purchase or participate in a plan of health insurance coverage.”


Crow Nation TEA Party to hold protest in downtown Billings

For Immediate Release:


The Crow Nation Tea Party with support of Montana Shrugged Tea Party Patriots will be holding a protest in Billings MT at the Federal Bldg in Downtown Billings MT beginning at high noon, January 26, 2011.


This protest is in regards to their concerns over the Water Rights Settlement Act which purports to deliver all water rights including those held privately by members to the Tribal government.  This is a direct violation of their rights as Native Americans and Tribal Members.


Please join them in their peaceful protest tomorrow.


We stand united with all citizens of America.



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