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Call to Action – LTE Campaign

This past Wednesday we had a guest speaker – Jason Thomas.  He delivered a great speech and gave us many great ideas in order to grow our membership and be more effective as an organization.

As an attempt to gain control of our communities we are challenging you all to write letters to your local newspapers.  Our first topic is Obamacare and how it relates to both the budget and dificit spending.

We all know that most of our media outlets are extremely liberal.  So…..How do you get the media to cover your story?  You make them believe that your story IS a story that readers want to hear about.  We believe that if we can get just 280 letters submitted by the end of February then we will be well on our way to having the press cover our events in the future.

Know anything about the Cloward-Piven Stategy?  Ultimately it’s to overwhelm the system.  The liberals are very good at doing this so we need to beat them at their game.  Our goal is to overwhelm the media/newspapers system with our conservative opinion pieces.

We encourage you all to write your own but if you do not have the time please send one of ours.  If you prefer to use a sample letter we’ve provided those on our website.

A list of all media contacts across the state of Montana can be located on our website HERE.

Here are some helpful informational documents regarding Obamacare that may help you write your letters.

5 Reasons to Repeal

Claim and Response

CLASS program

Enact Real Medical Liability Reform

End Government Funded Abortions

Impact of Health Reform on the Practice of Medicine

Impact on SeniorsImpact on the Insured

Important Facts About Obamacare

Obamacare Employer Mandate will increase costs and destroy jobs

Obamacare fiscal case for repeal

Obamacare Medicaid Facts

Obamacare Tax Increases

Obamacare will hurt small businesses

Response to Claims in Dem Letter

Response to Dem Claims









I submitted this to all of the newspapers across MT.  I thought that I would share it with you.


Contrary to the spin the Deomcrats are putting out that the GOP Legislature voted to raise its salary ON January 12 on the HB 1 (“feed bill” vote, it is just not true). Article V Section V of the Montana Constitution states that the Legislature cannot fix its compensation. They can vote this time to raise the pay next time. They are not going to do that.  They are focused on cutting the budget and reducing the size and scope of the state government.  With pressure from conservative activists across the state we will get a handle on the Governor’s enormous budget increase and keep the government from overreaching its thumb into our everyday lives.  Total control of the people is not what our founding fathers had in mind.

The money the State pays for ALL State employees’ health insurance rose on Jan 1st as a result of the House voting LAST SESSION. Their per diem went up about 1.5% – but the Legislature has no control over that. The State sets that.

The bill on January 12th voted in the money to fund this Legislative session and the start of the next session.

The Democrats did not vote on the bill on the floor – they voted on the actions of the Appropriations subcommittees cutting the budget yesterday. 100% of Republicans voted for the bill and 100% of the Democrats voted against it, trying to make a point.  So much for the democrats “working with” the Republicans.  The Republicans gained control of the Montana legislature because the people were upset by how the Democrats were “doing business” at the capital in the previous session.

Let them not forget why they are in Helena.  They work for the people, hence the title “public servants”.  The people want government reined in and the budget cut.  Are they listening?

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