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Continue to fight for our REPUBLIC!

Looks like Montana is welcoming back winter.  We were enjoying our extended Indian summer.  Wasn’t the weather just great over Christmas and New Years? Global warming is so great.  But, alas, it is not so great for the snowbound towns and fuel short towns of Alaska.  Record snows and cold up there.  We count our blessings here.


We three managers of Montana Shrugged would like to thank the recent flurry of contributions that came in over Christmas. We especially would like to thank Greg from Red Lodge for his most generous contribution of $500.  These true patriots are helping us carve our way to more activities and rallies.


We have a huge battle in front of us this year to get good Constitutional and Fiscal conservatives elected in Montana and across the US.  We are feeling real good in this fight for freedom and prosperity.  Our belief is that over 100 million citizens follow our movement and support our ideas.  With this size of a voter block we WILL change the leadership in America.  And it is all thanks to you.Please ask your friends and family to sign up and contribute as you can.


We are working on plans for a unique activity for this year’s April 15th rally.  We are planning a large event with many surprises. There will be a final Governor Showdown at the OK corral if you will.  WE plan on having a real down to earth Hoedown.  Stay tuned for details and be sure to put the date on your calendars.


We can make this a huge deal for our beliefs.  WE can show the non believers that we are here to stay and we are here for all of America.  We do not leave out any percentages as the Occupy Wallstreet radicals do.  We are America.  We are the Silent Majority.  Hear US roar.


Please read the presentation on the event below and make every attempt to attend.  Robert Brown with the John Birch Society is very knowledgeable in the ways of our Constitution.  It will be very entertaining and educational to learn about the Greatest Document ever written to rule man.  Our Republic needs all of us to educate ourselves and educate others to the wisdom of this great document.  We are not a Democracy, where simple majority rules.  A democracy is where the socialist elites would have us heading.  Well, we the people need to stand up for our Republic and fight for the Constitution.


A note from the John Birch Society –

Robert Brown is coming to town this Tuesday the 17th! It has been some time since we have had the honor of a presentation from Robert. He has agreed to pump us up with a new presentation that he is preparing for video production and national distribution. Among other things, learn about sound money and how our Constitution can keep it that way.


I know this is a short notice but you don’t want to miss Robert’s smooth and entertaining delivery of a topic that we must understand in order to save the economy. Please come and bring a friend!


– 7:00 pm Tuesday 17th

– Lexington Inn and Suites

– 3040 King Ave W.


Please plan on attending this great educational event.  I apologize now, but Jennifer and I cannot attend as we are drilling a horizontal well north of Roundup, Montana. Yes, the rumors are true, we are actually drilling a well in Montana, not Pennsylvania, not Wyoming, not North Dakota.  Can you believe that?


Oh, and Jennifer, my wife, and I would like to thank the completely misguided cowardly liberal who keeps sending the awful postcards harassing us and our family.  It is only to be expected that liberals hide behind fences, blog sites, harassing mail, op eds, etc. to try to make their point.  The problem is that they have no point that they can stand on.  They have no base or legs to stand on. They are poor misguided souls, led completely by ignorance and by the lies of the Democratic Socialist elites.  Cowards they are.


I have challenged all Democratic political legislators to discuss the important issues of the day on my television interview show and none have accepted.  I have challenged all Republican political appointees and candidates and they have all accepted in one manner or another.


I have challenged all news agencies in Billings as well as others across the State to report fair and balanced news.  They refuse. They show their ignorance and their political bent by supporting the likes of Occupy Wallstreet and their totally misguided mission statements.  They ignore the one and only grassroots movement that has come along in the past 100 years that supports Constitutional and fiscally sound issues.  Issues that are so critical to our survival as the greatest country on earth.  What are they thinking?  Oh, they are not.  I forgot that they too are completely controlled by the liberal elitists such as George Soros.


Obama is playing his fiddle while America burns and they pull the wool over their reader’s eyes.  They are complicit in the destruction of America.  We should cancel our subscriptions.  We should not purchase from their advertisers.  We should do a mass email campaign against all of them.  We have the power to make real change happen. Unified, as one of the largest tea party groups in America, we can make that change start right here in Yellowstone County, Montana.


I have personally invited Senators Baucus and Tester to come on and discuss issues to no avail.  All I get is that somewhat polite but quiet approval but always a no show.  Are these the kind of leaders that we need? I think not.


I have to take my hat off to Congressman Denny Rehberg as he has braved my show for an hour and one half in the past year.  The Patriot Chronicles IS fair and balanced.  We report you decide, just like Fox News but without their political bias.


Enough said. As you can tell there is lots of work to do.  We need your help to increase membership and increase contributions.


God Bless you all and God Bless America.


Crow Nation TEA Party to hold protest in downtown Billings

For Immediate Release:


The Crow Nation Tea Party with support of Montana Shrugged Tea Party Patriots will be holding a protest in Billings MT at the Federal Bldg in Downtown Billings MT beginning at high noon, January 26, 2011.


This protest is in regards to their concerns over the Water Rights Settlement Act which purports to deliver all water rights including those held privately by members to the Tribal government.  This is a direct violation of their rights as Native Americans and Tribal Members.


Please join them in their peaceful protest tomorrow.


We stand united with all citizens of America.



Greatest threat of the year

If you didn’t know what “quantitative easing” was when you woke up Wednesday, you probably will soon multiple sources are reporting.

Federal Reserve bankers came out of their two-day Federal Open Market Committee meeting this afternoon with some blockbuster, if not wholly unexpected, news: the Fed will purchase about $600 billion more in long-term Treasuries by the end of the second quarter of 2011 in an effort to further prop up the U.S. economy. The Fed will also continue its existing policy of reinvesting principal payments from its current securities holdings. (See rest of story at http://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/2010/11/03/fed-leaves-rates-unchanged-buy-b-treasuries/?test=latestnews#content)

Of course, this will be the second go-round for quantitative easing – a fancy way of saying the Fed is going to print more money – and questions abound. Namely, is it needed and will it work?

Please contact your house and senate representatives and tell them to stop this absurdity of printing 600 billion dollars (borrowed at interest) and buying worthless bonds which will be the last straw for our money!  This must be stopped or our dollar will drop at least 20% if not more next year! Get ready for $12 loaves of bread.

How will they explain this to their constituents?  The liberal progressives of this country have been planning this for quite some time I’m sure.


Where do they get all that money?

A little history lesson for you all:

In 1913, when the Federal Reserve was created with the duty of preserving the dollar, one 20-dollar bill could buy one 20-dollar gold piece. Today, fifty 20-dollar bills are needed to buy one 20-dollar gold piece. Under the Fed’s custody, the U.S. dollar has lost 98 percent of its value. The dollar is the storehouse of our wealth. Has the Fed faithfully safeguarded that storehouse? Was it not Thomas Jefferson who taught us, “In questions of power let us hear no more of trust in men, but bind them down from mischief with the chains of the Constitution“?

In FY2010, the Treasury Department spent $414 Billion of your money on interest payments to the holders of the National Debt. Compare that to NASA at $19 Billion, Education at $93 Billion, and Department of Transportation at $78 Billion.

This is a great example of why a private company cannot be trusted with our nation’s monetary policy. If you have been struggling financially these past 2 years the devaluation this print job will cause is going to hurt you extra bad. We owe it to our children and our neighbor’s children to learn about what 100 years under a fiat money system has really done to our national wealth. Look to Ron Paul for an honest education on monetary policy (http://www.campaignforliberty.com/).

So, does ‘stop the government’ waste mean anything to our representatives?  Activists across the country sent a strong message to Washington on November 2.  Now we need to be sure they know we are still watching them and we will continue to do so until our country is fixed and we have returned to the constitutional republic we once were and are destined to be.

Will you contact your rep and tell them this is ridiculous?  I know I can count on you to stand strong until the end.  I urge you all to locate your house and senate reps in Washington and tell them, “Stop printing money!”  Can you imagine what our future will be like if this occurs?  It certainly won’t be a very bright one!

To find contact information for your reps please check out the following website: https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml


.A lesson in progressivism.

I just attended a democratic “GOTV” event at MSU in Billings. I wasn’t actually invited. TEA Party is never invited to these events. But, did that stop us from utilizing our constitutional rights? You bet it didn’t!

This might tell how old Senator Baucus is…..he called the college campus “eastern”…..

Max Baucus being interviewed by local news media.

McDonald (candidate for US Congress running against incumbent Denny Rehberg) showed up without a horse….or an ass. I thought he was still on his trek across the state but I guess I was wrong. Apparently that is over with. He left them both at home.
Jon Tester was also there as well as the S.O.S. Linda McCulloch.

McDonald (running against incumbent Rehberg)

First I have to ask: Is it legal for the S.O.S. to tell a bunch of college students to ‘vote democrat’? She works for republicans and independent voters too doesn’t she? How can she spend our tax dollars travelling across the state to tell folks to specifically vote democrat?

Eric got a chance to visit with Baucus, Tester, McDonald and various staff members. This seems to be a once in a lifetime situation for the tea party as they don’t tend to show up to our events or hold town halls to allow questions from the general public.

McDonald refused to admit that he’d ever been invited on to our TV program, The Patriot Chronicles, but then when invited for the Thursday show he knew exactly what time and in what location we taped. Coincidence, or did he get all the emails I’ve sent him in the past couple months?

The democrats clearly do not want the tea party to appear at any of their events. That was evident from all the annoyed facial expressions and rolling of eyes that occurred.

I was approached by, who I believe to be, a college democrat from MSUB who tried to force me to wear a nametag. When I refused she quickly told me that if I did not wear a nametag she assumed me to be a protester (without any type of protest sign in my hand mind you!) and the “Free Speech Zone” was ¼ mile down the road! She attempted but failed to shoo me out the door.

Isn’t a college campus a public place? Also, can’t I listen to what my senators are talking about? Like I said before, this seemed to be ‘once in a lifetime deal’ as Baucus and Tester refuse to hold town halls without hand selected crowds.

A friend of mine’s 12 year old daughter wanted to meet Baucus, to shake his hand and ask a question. She got the hand shake in and as she began to ask her question Baucus quickly turned the other way and ignored her existence. Could he be any ruder? Why don’t you talk to your constituents Baucus? I realize she may not be of voting age but she’s impressionable and shouldn’t you want to know what she is thinking?

Van Dyk conversing with Senator Max Baucus

I believe every single candidate running on the D ticket in Yellowstone County was there including Kendall Van Dyk, Margie McDonald, and a bunch of others I won’t continue to list. That’s not the point I’m trying to make here. If you want to know the rest of their names you can feel free to visit the Montana election site.

All the D's standing in a row.....

Just like at the economic summit in Butte Baucus got up on stage and got the couple folks there to chant things such as “max max max” and “billings billings billings”. Jon Tester read off (a very short list at that) a list of all the accomplishments that the democrats have got through the door since he took office 2 years ago. Mcdonald said after tomorrow the blue sky will be ‘bluer’.

We were a bit disappointed that Kendall Van Dyk stayed far away from the both of us. He’s a self-declared “fiscal conservative” so you figure he’d be first in line to talk to the tea party. Especially since deficit spending and the budget is one of the most important issues to us. All we got from him was an ugly look and we figured we’d not approach him after that.

KVD with his buddy, Senator Jon Tester

We took video of the entire event so I will post that tomorrow once I get it converted. But all in all, I’m glad I went. We got another invitation for our TV program to Baucus, Tester, McDonald and also got one in to Jay Bell. I hope that they all agree to be guests on our show and to talk to the real people of Montana.

Max finally takes the time to shake the 'tea parties' hand.

As I’ve seen them ignore so many of us in the past I’m sure that will not happen, but it’s worth a shot.

THE moment has come

We’ve all seen campaigns where one party has all the momentum — races with real enthusiasm gaps. But you’re proving that’s just not the case in this election.

I’ve read reports about the work you’re already doing to contact voters — it’s unbelievable for an election like this.

But there are nine days left. Whether you’re one of the folks who’ve already helped reach out to 15 million voters or if you’re one of those who has been waiting for a time to get involved, that moment has come.

Will you contribute to a crucial get-out-the-vote shift in the final four days of our Vote 2010 campaign?

Let me tell you why this is so important. It’s not just that there are people out there who don’t know what’s at stake in this election.

It’s not just that there are folks who need one of us to call them and make the case.

The truth is that there are people in this country who are doing everything they can to make sure our supporters don’t make it out.

We’re up against more than apathy. What this election demands from us is an effort nothing short of extraordinary.

But I know we’re all ready to deliver just that.

Can you commit to pitching in to get out the vote?


Read my lips….no more spending…. no more levies….cut the budget.

Have you read this article yet?

Group asks for $7.5M Metra bond

Yellowstone County Commissioners are planning to add about $4 million to the insurance money for the reconstruction of the arena. The question is whether or not to invest in additional improvements at the Metra. The Billings Chamber of Commerce held a meeting with members of the Metra Park Advisory Board on Monday announcing its consideration of a $7.5 million bond.

I talked to John Brewer, director of the Billings Chamber of Commerce at length before he had a fact-finding meeting with his board a week ago.  He said most business owners in Billings want a county mill levy to make the Metra “state of the art” as it would help the businesses in blgs.  What builder is he in bed with??  I told him the ag Community in Yellowstone County cannot stand additional mill levies.

He said it was up to the voters.  I told him that the Metra does nothing for the folks in the county as helping their ag businesses, i.e., it does not increase the price for our calves.  He acted like a jerk and could care less about the tax burdens that would be placed on an already stressed situation/community.

The Metra is for play and vendors.  When folks are having problems making ends meet due to fixed incomes, loss of jobs, out of sight reappraisals, etc., how dare they add more burdens so the chamber director looks like he is doing “something” in order to keep his director’s job and feed his ego..  Possibly New York City has a building that is to more of Mr. Brewer’s liking and I suggest he would feel more at home in that venue.

I called County Commissioner John Ostlund and he was NOT for a tax increase.  He said the rainy day money and the insurance money will take care of the building with more bathrooms, better sound, etc. without raising taxes.  And that making the metra – a so called state of the art building, etc. is not needed.  I thanked him for trying hard to stop this ridiculous expenditure that will increase our taxes.

The message from the tea party and other concerned citizens is simple….enough is enough.  You need to cut from within before going outside to the poor destitute taxpayer.

Check out the fact that Montana is now number 47 in wages…..

Don’t you get it? There is no more money in the till…the fed government is spending deficit dollars like candy….

The local governments are sucking up as much of that worthless money as they can…..

What are they thinking?  Money grows on trees?

You need to get your budgets in line and get your house in order.

Cut your wages and benefits down to compare with average tax payer would be good start to show good faith.

This alone would give you plenty of funds to do miscellaneous additions on the Metra and other budgeted items.

We need no more bike trails. We need no more parks. We need to privatize many services at the local level.

Need I go on?

Think constituent first and all others second including your expensive unions.

Cheers from the tea party….

How can we get America back on course?

How can we get America back on course?

By returning to the timeless principles and practical wisdom that have been the source of America’s monumental success.

By knowing and believing in ten core principles that define us as a nation and inspire us as a people-liberty and equality, natural rights and the consent of the governed, private property and religious freedom, the rule of law and constitutionalism, all culminating in self-government at home and independence in the world.

Welcome to We Still Hold These Truths.

Watch the Video

Everyday Americans on a journey to reclaim our future.

We were lucky enough to spark the interest of the Heritage Foundation and were able to get our story out there to thousands of Americans across this great Nation in this documentary.

Please take a moment to watch the video.

Many thanks to the Heritage Foundation as well as the camera crew who spent two days following us around and learning about our lives in Billings, MT!

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