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Continue to fight for our REPUBLIC!

Looks like Montana is welcoming back winter.  We were enjoying our extended Indian summer.  Wasn’t the weather just great over Christmas and New Years? Global warming is so great.  But, alas, it is not so great for the snowbound towns and fuel short towns of Alaska.  Record snows and cold up there.  We count our blessings here.


We three managers of Montana Shrugged would like to thank the recent flurry of contributions that came in over Christmas. We especially would like to thank Greg from Red Lodge for his most generous contribution of $500.  These true patriots are helping us carve our way to more activities and rallies.


We have a huge battle in front of us this year to get good Constitutional and Fiscal conservatives elected in Montana and across the US.  We are feeling real good in this fight for freedom and prosperity.  Our belief is that over 100 million citizens follow our movement and support our ideas.  With this size of a voter block we WILL change the leadership in America.  And it is all thanks to you.Please ask your friends and family to sign up and contribute as you can.


We are working on plans for a unique activity for this year’s April 15th rally.  We are planning a large event with many surprises. There will be a final Governor Showdown at the OK corral if you will.  WE plan on having a real down to earth Hoedown.  Stay tuned for details and be sure to put the date on your calendars.


We can make this a huge deal for our beliefs.  WE can show the non believers that we are here to stay and we are here for all of America.  We do not leave out any percentages as the Occupy Wallstreet radicals do.  We are America.  We are the Silent Majority.  Hear US roar.


Please read the presentation on the event below and make every attempt to attend.  Robert Brown with the John Birch Society is very knowledgeable in the ways of our Constitution.  It will be very entertaining and educational to learn about the Greatest Document ever written to rule man.  Our Republic needs all of us to educate ourselves and educate others to the wisdom of this great document.  We are not a Democracy, where simple majority rules.  A democracy is where the socialist elites would have us heading.  Well, we the people need to stand up for our Republic and fight for the Constitution.


A note from the John Birch Society –

Robert Brown is coming to town this Tuesday the 17th! It has been some time since we have had the honor of a presentation from Robert. He has agreed to pump us up with a new presentation that he is preparing for video production and national distribution. Among other things, learn about sound money and how our Constitution can keep it that way.


I know this is a short notice but you don’t want to miss Robert’s smooth and entertaining delivery of a topic that we must understand in order to save the economy. Please come and bring a friend!


– 7:00 pm Tuesday 17th

– Lexington Inn and Suites

– 3040 King Ave W.


Please plan on attending this great educational event.  I apologize now, but Jennifer and I cannot attend as we are drilling a horizontal well north of Roundup, Montana. Yes, the rumors are true, we are actually drilling a well in Montana, not Pennsylvania, not Wyoming, not North Dakota.  Can you believe that?


Oh, and Jennifer, my wife, and I would like to thank the completely misguided cowardly liberal who keeps sending the awful postcards harassing us and our family.  It is only to be expected that liberals hide behind fences, blog sites, harassing mail, op eds, etc. to try to make their point.  The problem is that they have no point that they can stand on.  They have no base or legs to stand on. They are poor misguided souls, led completely by ignorance and by the lies of the Democratic Socialist elites.  Cowards they are.


I have challenged all Democratic political legislators to discuss the important issues of the day on my television interview show and none have accepted.  I have challenged all Republican political appointees and candidates and they have all accepted in one manner or another.


I have challenged all news agencies in Billings as well as others across the State to report fair and balanced news.  They refuse. They show their ignorance and their political bent by supporting the likes of Occupy Wallstreet and their totally misguided mission statements.  They ignore the one and only grassroots movement that has come along in the past 100 years that supports Constitutional and fiscally sound issues.  Issues that are so critical to our survival as the greatest country on earth.  What are they thinking?  Oh, they are not.  I forgot that they too are completely controlled by the liberal elitists such as George Soros.


Obama is playing his fiddle while America burns and they pull the wool over their reader’s eyes.  They are complicit in the destruction of America.  We should cancel our subscriptions.  We should not purchase from their advertisers.  We should do a mass email campaign against all of them.  We have the power to make real change happen. Unified, as one of the largest tea party groups in America, we can make that change start right here in Yellowstone County, Montana.


I have personally invited Senators Baucus and Tester to come on and discuss issues to no avail.  All I get is that somewhat polite but quiet approval but always a no show.  Are these the kind of leaders that we need? I think not.


I have to take my hat off to Congressman Denny Rehberg as he has braved my show for an hour and one half in the past year.  The Patriot Chronicles IS fair and balanced.  We report you decide, just like Fox News but without their political bias.


Enough said. As you can tell there is lots of work to do.  We need your help to increase membership and increase contributions.


God Bless you all and God Bless America.


Crow Nation TEA Party to hold protest in downtown Billings

For Immediate Release:


The Crow Nation Tea Party with support of Montana Shrugged Tea Party Patriots will be holding a protest in Billings MT at the Federal Bldg in Downtown Billings MT beginning at high noon, January 26, 2011.


This protest is in regards to their concerns over the Water Rights Settlement Act which purports to deliver all water rights including those held privately by members to the Tribal government.  This is a direct violation of their rights as Native Americans and Tribal Members.


Please join them in their peaceful protest tomorrow.


We stand united with all citizens of America.




BILLS TO WATCH THIS WEEK AT THE MONTANA LEGISLATURE: The Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association and the Montana County Attorneys Association (the usual suspects) opposed the bill. If we can pry SB 114 out of the Senate Judiciary committee, we can probably get it through the Senate, and we can almost certainly get it through the House.

We can overcome the opposition of MSPOA and MCAA, but it will take some work. Certain members of the Senate Judiciary Committee need to hear from you now. Some are known for us, some are known against us, and some need contact. Against us are Senators Larry Jent, Lynda Moss, Anders Blewett and Shannon Augare, all Democrats.

Certainly for the bill are sponsorGreg Hinkle and Senator Terry Murphy. Here are the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who need contact. Because they missed the public hearing: SenatorsJim Peterson (R-Senate President) and Chas Vincent (R).

Because I don’t know much about him: Senator Rowlie Hutton (R). Swing votes but can be persuaded (most important): SenatorsCliff Larsen (D-Missoula) and Jim Shockley (R-Victor). For any of these, you can leave messages at the Legislative Message Center (weekdays), at 444-4800.

The message can be as short as “Please support SB 114.” For any of these, you can use the Legislature’s Online message form: http://www.leg.mt.gov/css/sessions/62nd/legwebmessage.asp Email. Be advised that while email is easiest for us, it’s iffy for legislators. Some legislators attend to email well, and some don’t. You can certainly send messages by all three methods, to all legislators mentioned, even every day until the Committee acts on SB 114 (very soon, but not yet).

If you wish to include an email message, here are the email addresses for the Senators who need messages (in order of priority): Senator Cliff Larsen Senator Jim Shockley Senator Jim Peterson Senator Chas Vincent Senator Rowlie Hutton The Subject line of these emails should be “Please support SB 114” so they will get the message even if they don’t have time to read the email.

NOTE WELL: BE POLITE, and these Senator won’t have time to read more than about 50 words. Be concise!! If you send emails, copy SB 114 bill sponsor Senator Hinkle so he can see what you’re sending: Senator Greg Hinkle Okay, it’s now up to you.

Get messages to these critical senators. Let’s get SB 114 cranked out of Judiciary Committee!!


A Letter to our great Senator Baucus

Dear Senator Baucus,

How dare you tell the American public that anything the federal government does with healthcare is good for US.

The reality is that the current system is bust and it is bust for a reason….federal government.  Excessive costs and regulations permeate throughout the healthcare and insurance industries.  The system is fraught with waste, fraud and corruption costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

Pharmaceuticals costs have gone out of sight due to interference from Federal Government.

Premiums have gone out of sight do to the terrible practices of not paying doctors and hospitals the going wage for services.  This extra loss to them is turned around to honest taxpayers in their premiums.  Premiums have gone out of sight in past twenty years.  Medicare and medicaid costs have skyrocketed as the system allows all welfare people and non insured people such as illegal aliens to abuse the system.  Government policies have caused the premiums of ordinary hard working Americans to become very expensive, hence the advent of catastrophic policies.  These policies forced on Americans due to Government excessive interference in healthcare have created high premiums with little to no coverage.  This is tragic.

And the news this week has the CBO saying repeal of healthcare would save America $1 billion and some change.

So whose numbers are right.

History shows us that entitlement programs controlled and managed by governments cannot survive and become too expensive and too inefficient.  They represent a major portion of the deficit budget.. When the great society was rammed down our throats by Johnson and the Congress, the cost increased the budget by thirty five percent.  Now it is well over 55% of budget.  Government needs to take a step back and examine its policies and its budgets..Hard choices need to be made to bring budget in line with revenues..Remember federal revenues are not GDP enhancers.  They detract from our country’s welfare…general welfare.

Max, come on now, you are talking to educated adults… who are you kidding about benefit of tax cuts…this is a dream on your part.  In reality, an average business will not benefit from your tax benefits provided.  The range of benefits actually will increase taxes and decrease business profits.  One of the major problems with legislators such as you is that you have no concept on what makes a business grow.  I have been in business for over thirty years and it has been struggle ever since. Government regulations and tax policy make it near impossible to plan from one year to next.  Your tax benefit message is a mute point.  Please do not bring it up again. Your best bet in DC is to privatize the government agencies to reduce debt load.  Reduce tax burdens on people and their employers so prosperity will again return to America.

Medicare has been in jeopard since the day it started.  it needs to be revamped.  it needs to be minimized or eliminated.  best bet would be to privatize it and let government have minimal oversight. Max, if you grand legislators do not get handle on deficits which medicare is a big part, the country will be bust by 2017.

And the biggest lie of all is that Obamacare will reduce premiums and cost to employers.  Wow.  Do you not get it.  One government agency manipulating numbers for another is as big a crony system in the world.  Sure when you know the answer you want to put out to public the complimentary agency somehow miraculously comes up with the numbers.  If you research history of our government the projected costs and interference have always been underestimated.  Our national debt and deficits reflect this history.

Max, I know that you are the proud sponsor of legislation that you neither wrote or read.  Your lobby friends in the background drafted this up without any of your input.  Please be honest with America and your constituents.  Please tell them that 159 new federal agencies will affect the cost of their healthcare and will be huge burden on budgets and will ultimately cost taxpayer dearly.

keeping kids on policies to 26, pre existing conditions etc that you mentioned can be handled if we allowed for parents to keep a health policy that follows them from job to job and or life change to life change.  The free market system would take care of premiums and premiums would be manageable.

Government has become a huge burden on America with its excessive over extravagant wages and benefits.  Legislators have become beholding to their lobby masters and not to serving the public best interest.

Austerity is imminent in America.  So I suggest that you vote for repeal of this onerous bill and get to work fixing the budget excesses and deficits.

We the people command that you do this as our public servant.

Now can we talk about Cap and Trade…….another chapter I presume…

And these comments are echoed to our local city, county and state legislators as well.

God Bless America……

THERE WILL BE NO MONUMENT – straight from his blackberry!

This is a conversation that went back and forth between a Montana resident and Senator Max Baucus. He must have been on top of his game this day as I have yet to receive a coherent email from him that isn’t totally off subject and contains canned message. But straight from the horses mouth…..their will be no monument?



I remember *** well. Great guy! Solid, friendly, good guy. I remember a big smile. I also think I remember *** looking over to the side of the chamber at your mother for her sense of an issue being debated.

*****, I care about jobs and income in E. Montana as much as you. I come from and was raised by a ranching family. The place is in my blood. I’ll do my best.

I especially liked our meeting yesterday. Malta and Phillips folks are some of the most real and solid people in our state. Really down to earth and working hard. It means a lot to me.

There will be no monument.

Great hearing from you. Best to your mom.


Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


Dear Senator Baucus:

I appreciate the fact that you made an appearance at Malta on Friday, October 29th re: the proposed Monument. I would like to take you at your word that there will not be any Monument status designated on that land. Certainly Mr. Salazar understands this also. I sincerely believe that this is a creeping, crawling effort to push us off our lands in any way possible.

I stand by my comment at the meeting that windmills and solar panels, any of the exclusive ‘green’ energy remedies, are not sustainable. And we can certainly not afford to subsidize them without access to our own natural resources. I also take exception to the fact that you had spoken to “business men, real business men” who talked of the virtues of green energy. Senator Baucus— you were speaking to business men and women in Malta. We own and manage farms, ranches and business in towns across Montana. We also believe in being allowed to run our businesses to make a profit. Maybe then Montana can begin to crawl out of the basement of the per capita income roster.

I didn’t get a chance to shake your hand and really wanted to ask if you happened to remember, way back, the two State Representatives who were seated at each side of you in the Montana Legislature when you were a ‘newbie’. My mother reminded me, not long ago, that my father sat to one side of you. His name was ****** ‘***’ **** from Poplar. How far you’ve come! But in that vein, I feel like President Reagan must have felt: “I didn’t leave the Democrat party, they left me.” What in the world has become of the party?? If you truly believe in the principles of the Progressive agenda, then please let me know.




In chatting privately with Max Baucus, he said, in confidence, that they will take it without monument status…they already have group in there buying up ranch after ranch…funds are coming from democratic sympathizers..like Soros.  Eventually in not too distant future they will sell to federal government for huge profit and lock US out.  They will import their brucellosis infected bison from Turner Ranch ……..you know the rest of the story..

It will take some mighty bold action in holding all Congress feet to fire to stop this train wreck…Would have to talk old ranchers out of taking the money and running …..how do you do that?
Something to think about…I wouldn’t put it past these life long politicians to look the other way.

For Immediate Release – Regarding Baucus’ “town hall” in Malta

Senator Max Baucus appeared in Malta on Friday October 29th for perhaps his first real public town hall meeting in Montana in 2010. On behalf of fellow patriots across Montana, we traveled to Malta to participate in this rare event. We also found it important to return to this fair Montana community to show our continued opposition to the “Treasured Landscape” property takings scheme. You may recall that the Undersecretary of Interior appeared before a full house in Malta on the “Treasured Landscape” monument proposal. There, he told the people of Montana: “I don’t care what you people think!”

Senator Max Baucus was met in Malta by an enthusiastic crowd of about 100 people. Those in attendance were focused on general accountability of the federal government to the people. The main purpose of the “Town Hall” was to address Senator Baucus on the Treasured Landscape monument designation.

Being fashionably late for the scheduled 11:00AM meeting time, we learned that Senator Baucus was detained earlier for a speeding incident on the way to Malta. The Senator also had earlier meetings with some of the local community leaders of the area.
With his opening statement, our Senator unequivocally stated that there would be no monument designation. The Senator repeatedly stated: “I am going to stop the Monument! You don’t want it and I don’t want it! I will do whatever it takes to stop this.” Senator Baucus boasted about his position in the Senate and advised that they won’t want to cross me!

Several people asked the Senator how he could make those statements with the history of the Antiquities Act being used to bypass Congress. President Clinton used this executive unconstitutional privilege to designate the Missouri River Breaks Monument and other places like the Escalante Staircase Monument in Utah. The people asked why he has not done anything with the Antiquities Act over the past 10 years knowing it was a problem. Our Senator repeatedly dodged this specific question and stated that the Antiquities Act was too big to take on. At the same time, Senator Baucus repeatedly offered an assurance to the people that “I will do whatever it takes!” Most if not all people in attendance were left wondering what that really means.

A local resident that was provided an opportunity to face our Senator provided him with a pocket copy of the US Constitution. The Senator was asked to read that document and to place it next to his Bible. Another copy of the Constitution was later provided to our Senator and he was advised that citizens of Montana abide by the same constitution east and west of the divide! Senator Baucus made light of the serious connotations within the constitution and moved on.

Our Senator stated he would not introduce any legislation that he did not know could be passed. A couple of points contained in the Senator’s Health Care Law were challenged and assurance was made that he or his staff would follow up on those concerns. To our surprise, no one asked the Senator if he has actually read the law yet!

Our Senator briefly mentioned the wolf issue and referenced legislation that would in essence change the decisions made by Judge Malloy. We again, were left wondering what that really means. Senator Baucus repeatedly tried to maintain focus on green energy projects. He referenced the power grid system that is being built from Canada as part of the overall wind energy infrastructure. Boasting about the job creation with this project left many asking what that had to do with raising cattle and using water across Montana.

After a full hour of questions and an open dialogue with Senator Baucus, he insisted that he was prepared to listen to the people. He informed everyone that they need to contact him directly and provided the people with direct contact information. His Washington DC phone number is 1-202-224-4375. His personal email address is maxbaucus@earthlink.net. He urged everyone to contact him directly with ideas.

“Mad Max” Baucus on Republicans: “They are Dr. No”

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