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Will Montana House Republican Legislators Implement ObamaCare???????

Will Montana House Republican Legislators Implement ObamaCare???????


Incredibly, House republicans recently breathed life into a proposal by Democrat State Auditor Monica Lindeen to implement ObamaCare in Montana.

Lindeen is pushing House Bill 124 which creates an “exchange”, and an oversight board to help implement ObamaCare. Unbelievably, the House Business and Labor Committee added a revenue provision to HB124, allowing it to stay alive for at least another few weeks.

Please contact “Republican” Rep. Elsie Arntzen, R=Billings, who chairs the House panel, other members of the committee, and tell them there is no such thing as “a Montana solution” to implement ObamaCare!!

They need to kill HB124, and vote against ObamaCare!!

Go to

http://leg.mt.gov/css/sessions/62nd/legwebmessages.asp and send a strong message “NO to ObamaCare, NO to the ObamaExchange” to the following individuals:Chair: Elsie Arntzen (R-Billings), Vice Chair: Tom Berry (R-Roundup)


Christy Clark (R-Choteau), Lila Evans (R-Browning), Edward Greef (R-Florence), Harry Klock (R-Harlowton), Jonathan McNiven (R-Huntley), Scott Reichner (R-Bigfork),
Matthew Rosendale (R-Glendive), Daniel Salomon (R-Ronan), Sterling Small (R-Busby), Cary Smith (R-Billings), Gordon Vance (R-Bozeman), Jeffrey Welborn (R-Dillon), SPEAKER-Mike Milburn (R-Cascade), Speaker Pro Tempore-Janna Taylor (R-Dayton), Majority Leader-Tom McGillvray (R-Billings), Majority Whip-Gerald Bennett (R-Libby),
Keith Regier (R-Kalispell), Wendy Warburton (R-Havre), President of the Senate-Jim Peterson (R-Buffalo), President Pro Tempore-Bruce Tutvedt (R-Kalispell), Majority Leader-Jeff Essmann (R-Billings), Majority Whip-Taylor Brown (R-Huntley), Sen. Chase Vincent (R-Libby), Chose the committee (House Business and Labor Committee).
Click on the site above, and it will send your message to everyone on that committee.

Thank You,






2011 Mid-Session Report

The following interim legislative “scorecard” was produced by Montana Conservatives.  TAB measures the percentage of the time each legislator supports the conservative position on key legislation.  We examine every bill that receives a recorded floor vote, asking the fundamental question: does this legislation increase or decrease the presence of government in our lives?

Votes for larger, more powerful, more intrusive and more expensive government are interpreted as “liberal” or leftist positions.  Votes for smaller government, lower taxes, fewer regulations and more individual and economic freedom are interpreted as “conservative” positions.  Other traditional conservative positions, including government transparency, competitive free markets, states rights and educational choice are also taken into account.


What makes TAB such a reliable rating system is the fact that it is tied to no particular industry or interest group, and uses bills that span a wide range of issues and public policies, from taxing and spending to education, welfare, business regulation, government reform, subsidies and interventions, property rights and personal liberty.  TAB uses a very high number of votes in our ratings, which helps ensure objectivity and accuracy.

On the following pages are listed the individual conservative percentages for all legislators through the transmittal break, separated by house and by party.  Rankings are divided into four categories: conservative, conservative-leaning, liberal-leaning and liberal. Newcomers (freshmen with no prior experience) are bolded.  Incumbents who registered an improvement of 15% or more from their last session scores are denoted in blue; those whose conservative scores dropped 15% or more are indicated in red.

Every Democratic legislator scored in the liberal range (none over 13%.) Republicans were once again spread across the political spectrum, with more of the GOP residing left-of-center than right-of-center: 22 Conservative, 21 Conservative Leaning, 20 Liberal Leaning and 33 Liberal (largest group.)

Overall House and Senate conservative voting percentages through the break:

House Average —  35%

House Republicans —  49%

House Democrats  —  8%

Senate Average —  27%

Senate Republicans  —  45%

Senate Democrats  —  5%

Compared to the full session TAB ratings for the 2009 legislature, the State Senate has thus far posted an 8 point improvement among Republicans, with Democrats unchanged.  House Republicans are unchanged from 2011; Democrats have improved by 7 points.


The bills used in each house for our survey are listed at the end of the report, with Montana Conservatives support or opposition noted.  There were 38 House bills indexed and 22 Senate.    As in the past, the majority of good index bills that reached the House and Senate floors were government growth measures that we opposed.  Most of the strong conservative legislation was still getting killed in committee, despite heavy Republican majorities in this session.


TAB Report, 2011 Mid-Session







Why should we pay for their transmission lines?

Why should we pay for their transmission lines?


Last December the federal government decided that the Montana Dakota Utility customers can help pay for transmission lines in other states that deliver no power to Montanan’s. Now the Republican led legislature wants to make that easier (HB198) by granting the right of condemnation (eminent domain) to developers in eastern Montana that will ship wind power to states with problems meeting their self imposed Renewable Energy Mandates. Yes, you will receive no power from these lines but the costs will show up on your MDU bill. If you are a NorthWesten Energy customer don’t laugh. The head of the federal energy commission recently announced he wants to do the same thing to you.


Gov. Schweitzer has his own energy advisors that know of this yet pushes the legislature to get HB 198 on his desk as soon as possible. The PSC has held many sessions on what to do about this to protect Montana consumers yet PSC Commissioner Molnar is the only one to raise the issue at the legislature.


One commissioner cannot protect you. You must protect yourself. Regardless of the supplier of your electricity, or if you are a co-op served land owner, you should call 406-444-4800 and email your Representative and Senator and tell them of your displeasure of being used as a funding source (through HB 198) for other states decisions.


Nullify Obaucas care

The following 20 republicans voted against (HJR 20) nullification of the bad law here in Montana.


We need to ask them all to explain that vote.

1.       N  Ankney, Duane

2.      N  Arntzen, Elsie

3.      N  Bangerter, Liz

4.      N  Berry, Tom

5.      N  Cook, Rob

6.      N  Esp, John

7.      N  Evans, Lila Walter

8.     N  Fitzpatrick, Steve

9.      N  Gibson, Steve

10.  N  Hoven, Brian

11.   N  Klock, Harry

12.  N  McNutt, Walter

13.  N  Milburn, Mike

14.  N  O’Hara, Jesse

15.   N  Peterson, Ken

16.  N  Reichner, Scott

17.   N  Small, Sterling

18.  N  Taylor, Janna

19.  N  Yates, Max

20. N  Welborn, Jeffery


Can contact them using this online form: http://leg.mt.gov/css/sessions/62nd/legwebmessage.asp


Tea party Rally and the Dumocrats

I thought I should share this with everyone that has been looking at the response from the left and portrayed by the media.


This came from a stumping speech given by Bozeman Senator Hawks that stopped in Townsend to tell our commissioner and the people of this county how bad things are in the legislature and with the tea party republicans.


The top of the handout at this meeting said this.  “For your reading pleasure, here are some of the major pieces of legislation that have been put forward by the Tea Party Republicans who are now in control of the legislature.  This is not a joke.  These are real bills and they are currently taking priority in the Montana legislature.  Enjoy.”

The handout continued to go through a list of 18 bills with a censured short title of each bill.  Here are a couple examples of that list.

2. Create fully armed militia in every town (House Bill 278

3.  Allow legislators to carry weapons in the capitol (Senate Bill 279)

9.  Eliminate all state incentives for developing wind power (House Bill 244)

12.  Give Sheriffs authority over the federal government in terror investigations (Senate Bill 114)


The list continued on and we are sure that the meeting was set to discuss these listed bills, but our tea party tenacity to aggravate those that need it prevented them from discussing this agenda.


FYI, For those of you that remember we had the speakers come from Idaho to speak about racism and the tea party movement being a terrorist organization needing watching.  That meeting was held some time back here in Townsend.  One of the Democratic organizers of that event informed me that there is a professor from Idaho doing research on that issue with the tea party movement and the connection with the supremacists.


Mark your calendars and join together on the 4th to send our Anti American Governor a message about the nullification and the pushing back of government intrusions of our lives here in Montana.  Come support those legislators that are carrying bills that we have promoting our sovereignty and insuring our freedom to keep and bear arms across Montana.

1.     This is an open carry event.  To comply with the permit, all weapons must be unloaded.  This event is not the place or time to challenge the 2nd Amendment violation of Helena but will be the foundation for that challenge.

2.     The Tenth Amendment will provide relief for the people of this state as long as we continue to stand for sovereignty and push back the federal government that is infringing on our basic rights.

3.     We always have fun and remain safe in our events, and that is something that we are all proud of.


See the attached flyer and please run a few copies and send out across Montana.


direct email is the least effective, USE the phone and web form

A digital message is any message that is sent via the internet, fax or other electronic means that uses a system of “digitization”  instead of transferring  voice pulses into electronic signals, or similar.

In practice, if you e-mail the legislator, or an entire committee, and use the electronic  message system on the MT.GOV website, the recipient will get it in a printed, half-sheet message placed on his/her desk.  They are either blue or canary yellow, depending on whether it is a phone or internet message.

Here is the procedure:

Search for MT.GOV on your internet explorer search bar.

Go to the RH side, and under the governor’s section , click on the “Legislative Branch”

“Welcome to the Montana Legislature” comes up.  Click on the upper left side bar on  “Find a Legislator” under “Home”

Near the bottom of the page, there is a yellow link to “Contact a legislator“.

Click on that, and “Contacting Legislators” displays.

There you will find instruction to contact them by phone, Internet, mail or fax.  The part they don’t tell you is that these phone and online messages are paper messages, and are place on the legislator’s desk, and they stack up, are highly visible, and are brightly colored.

The down side is that phone messages only go to 5 recipients at once, and online messages only go to ONE at a time, near as I can tell.  But you can e-mail an entire COMMITTEE and contact 20 or so at once.  Maybe if we prod the legislative branch, we can get them to make it so we can contact more than one at a time.  The form is tedious to fill out, unless you have a program to fill in your personal info automatically.  There is space for
1250 words in the message.  You could use the copy and paste function for multiple messages to different legislators.

I hope this helps you get word to the people who need to hear from you!

Remember,   you  can email the legislature, and they can fail to notice, delete it, or set their settings to put yours in the trash.

For a way that they cannot fail to notice, also send a message through the legislative message service!  When you send digital messages or phone messages to the legislature, they get a BLUE  or  YELLOW half page on their desks.  It will come at odd times, and even when they are voting on the floor.

They notice these, and cannot escape.  On big bills, they measure the stacks in “inches” of support or opposition.  REALLY

They may only glance at the title and the bill number, and read SUPPORT or OPPOSE,  but they will notice.  They also count and compare.

We are talking PAPER MESSAGES!  Think of it:  logging, natural resources, jobs, industry, and commerce in MONTANA!  And, we can influence legislation.

Create MONTANA jobs, and kill bad bills-  a winning combination!

Go to it!


HB 206 – Constitutional amendment on freedom to choose health care coverage.

I know this is late notice but Friday, Jan 28, 3pm, the first of a series of bills that reject Obamacare in Montana is being heard in the Human Services committee.  Gary MacLaren is sponsoring the bill and could really use all of our support at the hearing.  If at all possible, go to the capital and support the following bill:


HB 206 – Constitutional amendment on freedom to choose health care coverage.


This is an amendment to Article II of the Montana Constitution providing for the right to choose health insurance coverage.  If passed in the Act will be submitted to the voters on the 2012 ballot.


This is the link to the 2-page bill  http://data.opi.mt.gov/bills/2011/billpdf/HB0206.pdf which reads:


“(1) All individuals and employers have the right to choose whether or not to purchase or participate in any plan of health insurance coverage. No individual or employer shall pay a fine, penalty, or fee or be subject to civil or criminal sanction for exercising the right to choose whether to purchase or participate in health insurance coverage.

(2) A health care provider shall not pay a fine, penalty, or fee or be subject to civil or criminal sanction for accepting direct payment for health care services from an individual or an employer, on behalf of an employee, if the individual or employer has exercised the right to choose whether to purchase or participate in a plan of health insurance coverage.”


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