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Support HB 526

Support HB 526
Hearing Mon. March 7 RM. 317 3PM

SUPPORT – HB526 – Create interstate health care compact, by Champ Edmunds (R ) HD 100 champ.edmunds@yahoo.com


Hearing (S) Public Health, Welfare and Safety Monday March 7, Room 317, 3:00 PM

Text of bill: http://data.opi.mt.gov/bills/2011/billhtml/HB0526.htm


This bill creates a compact between multiple states, enabling them to lobby Congress to return control of healthcare regulation and healthcare funding to the states.


Call Capitol Switchboard – 406-444-4800 – [leave message for (S) Public Health, Welfare and Safety committee]


Or email web form – http://leg.mt.gov/css/sessions/62nd/legwebmessage.asp – [to the (S) Public Health, Welfare and Safety committee]



Support SB 125

Support SB 125
Hearing 3/4/2011 Rm. 152 3 PM
House Human Services Committee

Urge SUPPORT SB125 Prohibit state government from administering federal health insurance purchase requirement

– sponsored by Art Wittich ( R) SD 35 senatorwittich@montana.com


Bill Text: http://data.opi.mt.gov/bills/2011/billhtml/SB0125.htm

Hearing before the House Human Services committee, room 125, 3:00 PM

If you are unable to attend the hearing but would like to have your comments read during the hearing, please contact the sponsor Senator Art Wittich ( R) SD 35 senatorwittich@montana.com or the Committee Chairman, Representative David Howard d.howard@usadig.com


Call Capitol Switchboard – 406-444-4800 – [leave message for House Human Services committee]

Or email web form – http://leg.mt.gov/css/sessions/62nd/legwebmessage.asp – [to the House Human Services committee]

If the answer to the following is YES then vote NO

Would it affect or diminish private ownership of anything?

Would it cost the individual any (permit, money, tax, fee or freedom)?

Would it require permission in any form?

Would it cause any growth in government or bureaucracy?

Would it add any new public employees?

Would it run counter to the constitution, federal or state, in any way?

Does it lack a sundown clause?

Does it yield to federal coercion?

Does it include: and for other purposes?

If the answer is YES then vote NO


Nullify Obaucas care

The following 20 republicans voted against (HJR 20) nullification of the bad law here in Montana.


We need to ask them all to explain that vote.

1.       N  Ankney, Duane

2.      N  Arntzen, Elsie

3.      N  Bangerter, Liz

4.      N  Berry, Tom

5.      N  Cook, Rob

6.      N  Esp, John

7.      N  Evans, Lila Walter

8.     N  Fitzpatrick, Steve

9.      N  Gibson, Steve

10.  N  Hoven, Brian

11.   N  Klock, Harry

12.  N  McNutt, Walter

13.  N  Milburn, Mike

14.  N  O’Hara, Jesse

15.   N  Peterson, Ken

16.  N  Reichner, Scott

17.   N  Small, Sterling

18.  N  Taylor, Janna

19.  N  Yates, Max

20. N  Welborn, Jeffery


Can contact them using this online form: http://leg.mt.gov/css/sessions/62nd/legwebmessage.asp


Call to Action – LTE Campaign

This past Wednesday we had a guest speaker – Jason Thomas.  He delivered a great speech and gave us many great ideas in order to grow our membership and be more effective as an organization.

As an attempt to gain control of our communities we are challenging you all to write letters to your local newspapers.  Our first topic is Obamacare and how it relates to both the budget and dificit spending.

We all know that most of our media outlets are extremely liberal.  So…..How do you get the media to cover your story?  You make them believe that your story IS a story that readers want to hear about.  We believe that if we can get just 280 letters submitted by the end of February then we will be well on our way to having the press cover our events in the future.

Know anything about the Cloward-Piven Stategy?  Ultimately it’s to overwhelm the system.  The liberals are very good at doing this so we need to beat them at their game.  Our goal is to overwhelm the media/newspapers system with our conservative opinion pieces.

We encourage you all to write your own but if you do not have the time please send one of ours.  If you prefer to use a sample letter we’ve provided those on our website.

A list of all media contacts across the state of Montana can be located on our website HERE.

Here are some helpful informational documents regarding Obamacare that may help you write your letters.

5 Reasons to Repeal

Claim and Response

CLASS program

Enact Real Medical Liability Reform

End Government Funded Abortions

Impact of Health Reform on the Practice of Medicine

Impact on SeniorsImpact on the Insured

Important Facts About Obamacare

Obamacare Employer Mandate will increase costs and destroy jobs

Obamacare fiscal case for repeal

Obamacare Medicaid Facts

Obamacare Tax Increases

Obamacare will hurt small businesses

Response to Claims in Dem Letter

Response to Dem Claims







HB 206 – Constitutional amendment on freedom to choose health care coverage.

I know this is late notice but Friday, Jan 28, 3pm, the first of a series of bills that reject Obamacare in Montana is being heard in the Human Services committee.  Gary MacLaren is sponsoring the bill and could really use all of our support at the hearing.  If at all possible, go to the capital and support the following bill:


HB 206 – Constitutional amendment on freedom to choose health care coverage.


This is an amendment to Article II of the Montana Constitution providing for the right to choose health insurance coverage.  If passed in the Act will be submitted to the voters on the 2012 ballot.


This is the link to the 2-page bill  http://data.opi.mt.gov/bills/2011/billpdf/HB0206.pdf which reads:


“(1) All individuals and employers have the right to choose whether or not to purchase or participate in any plan of health insurance coverage. No individual or employer shall pay a fine, penalty, or fee or be subject to civil or criminal sanction for exercising the right to choose whether to purchase or participate in health insurance coverage.

(2) A health care provider shall not pay a fine, penalty, or fee or be subject to civil or criminal sanction for accepting direct payment for health care services from an individual or an employer, on behalf of an employee, if the individual or employer has exercised the right to choose whether to purchase or participate in a plan of health insurance coverage.”


A Letter to our great Senator Baucus

Dear Senator Baucus,

How dare you tell the American public that anything the federal government does with healthcare is good for US.

The reality is that the current system is bust and it is bust for a reason….federal government.  Excessive costs and regulations permeate throughout the healthcare and insurance industries.  The system is fraught with waste, fraud and corruption costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

Pharmaceuticals costs have gone out of sight due to interference from Federal Government.

Premiums have gone out of sight do to the terrible practices of not paying doctors and hospitals the going wage for services.  This extra loss to them is turned around to honest taxpayers in their premiums.  Premiums have gone out of sight in past twenty years.  Medicare and medicaid costs have skyrocketed as the system allows all welfare people and non insured people such as illegal aliens to abuse the system.  Government policies have caused the premiums of ordinary hard working Americans to become very expensive, hence the advent of catastrophic policies.  These policies forced on Americans due to Government excessive interference in healthcare have created high premiums with little to no coverage.  This is tragic.

And the news this week has the CBO saying repeal of healthcare would save America $1 billion and some change.

So whose numbers are right.

History shows us that entitlement programs controlled and managed by governments cannot survive and become too expensive and too inefficient.  They represent a major portion of the deficit budget.. When the great society was rammed down our throats by Johnson and the Congress, the cost increased the budget by thirty five percent.  Now it is well over 55% of budget.  Government needs to take a step back and examine its policies and its budgets..Hard choices need to be made to bring budget in line with revenues..Remember federal revenues are not GDP enhancers.  They detract from our country’s welfare…general welfare.

Max, come on now, you are talking to educated adults… who are you kidding about benefit of tax cuts…this is a dream on your part.  In reality, an average business will not benefit from your tax benefits provided.  The range of benefits actually will increase taxes and decrease business profits.  One of the major problems with legislators such as you is that you have no concept on what makes a business grow.  I have been in business for over thirty years and it has been struggle ever since. Government regulations and tax policy make it near impossible to plan from one year to next.  Your tax benefit message is a mute point.  Please do not bring it up again. Your best bet in DC is to privatize the government agencies to reduce debt load.  Reduce tax burdens on people and their employers so prosperity will again return to America.

Medicare has been in jeopard since the day it started.  it needs to be revamped.  it needs to be minimized or eliminated.  best bet would be to privatize it and let government have minimal oversight. Max, if you grand legislators do not get handle on deficits which medicare is a big part, the country will be bust by 2017.

And the biggest lie of all is that Obamacare will reduce premiums and cost to employers.  Wow.  Do you not get it.  One government agency manipulating numbers for another is as big a crony system in the world.  Sure when you know the answer you want to put out to public the complimentary agency somehow miraculously comes up with the numbers.  If you research history of our government the projected costs and interference have always been underestimated.  Our national debt and deficits reflect this history.

Max, I know that you are the proud sponsor of legislation that you neither wrote or read.  Your lobby friends in the background drafted this up without any of your input.  Please be honest with America and your constituents.  Please tell them that 159 new federal agencies will affect the cost of their healthcare and will be huge burden on budgets and will ultimately cost taxpayer dearly.

keeping kids on policies to 26, pre existing conditions etc that you mentioned can be handled if we allowed for parents to keep a health policy that follows them from job to job and or life change to life change.  The free market system would take care of premiums and premiums would be manageable.

Government has become a huge burden on America with its excessive over extravagant wages and benefits.  Legislators have become beholding to their lobby masters and not to serving the public best interest.

Austerity is imminent in America.  So I suggest that you vote for repeal of this onerous bill and get to work fixing the budget excesses and deficits.

We the people command that you do this as our public servant.

Now can we talk about Cap and Trade…….another chapter I presume…

And these comments are echoed to our local city, county and state legislators as well.

God Bless America……

We’ve all received those “canned” email responses (from Jon Tester)

I have to say Senator Tester, you are absolutely misguided and misinformed on the reasons healthcare and our budgets are in such dire straights.

It is the government on all levels with their fingers in the pie if you will.
Medicare, medicaid, prescription drugs, FDA, Social Security and so on…
Look at history and you will see that the proposals for all these plans presented little budget increases.  And history has shown that the numbers got completely out of hand as governments built their bureaucracies.
The only way this country is going to survive and thrive is for governments to cease their deadly grip on our prosperity.  The majority of government needs to be reduced significantly and soon.
Check out the Forgotten Man, Calvin Coolidge…He was the only President that successfully accomplished this task.  And the roaring twenties came alive. ..Well we want the roaring twenties back..
Obamacare is not good. It is not budget conscious.  It gives government supreme control over peoples healthcare decisions.  It will destroy our access to good healthcare..It will increase premiums out of sight and they are near that now.
Please go with the peoples voice which roared loud and clear last November and repeal Obamacare, cut the budgets and government spending, make people accountable for their benefits, privatize many of the wasteful agencies.  Let free markets rain.  Let people get back to work and get government out of their way.
We promise to you as the tea party grassroots people, that we are hell bent on fixing this problem with our without you.  Which way would you like to see it?
Our rally cry for 2012 is More of the Same.  WE intend on cruising into 2012 and make and even bigger upset in DC and the various States….America will begin to thrive and the  world will envy our success.
God Bless America

On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 2:15 PM, Senator Jon Tester <senator@tester.senate.gov> wrote:

Dear ____,


Thank you for contacting me with your concerns about the Affordable Care Act.  I voted for this important legislation to reform our health insurance industry, so that people with health insurance no longer have to subsidize free health care for those without health insurance.  Our old health care system put Montana families at risk of losing everything.

The Affordable Care Act stops insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.  It prohibits those companies from dropping folks when they get sick.  And it prevents insurance companies from putting arbitrary limits on our health insurance benefits and access to medical treatment.

The law also gives tax incentives for small businesses to provide health insurance coverage for their employees.  It cuts waste and fraud out of Medicare. And it’s expected to save hundreds of billions of dollars over the long term.

I know some members of the House of Representatives are talking about repealing health insurance reform.  The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently stated that repealing health care reform would raise the national deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars.  It is time to get serious about dealing with our debt, not add to it.

No legislation is perfect.  But I voted for health insurance reform because we needed to fix our health insurance industry and control costs.  Health care costs have broken too many Montana families.  The reform we passed last year will ensure that health care costs don’t continue to bankrupt Montana families and businesses.  It will keep Medicare strong for future generations.  And it’s tough on insurance companies.

Montanans sent me to the Senate to get things done, not sit on my hands.  I will continue to fight for access to affordable, quality health insurance for all Montanans.  The people of our state deserve nothing less.

I will continue to fight to make this new law better and to keep reigning in the cost of health care. Please do not hesitate to contact me again if I can be of further assistance.

Jon Tester
United States Senator


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